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Blue Voyager - June 2012

The Indepth Gang



Helen Geall, Jane Comar, Leon Comar, Hannah Ufland, David Henning, Larry & Hazey Stuart, Sarah Kingslake, Steve Gibson, Mike Hobbs, Stewart Anthony, Vicki Jeynes, Donny Ming, John Stewart, Amanda & Tom Whorwood , Team Zid: Louise Gray, Francesca Wood, Sarah Tahsin, Lord Drew Nicholson, Paul Jackson and last but not least, our late entry Dangerous Dave!


(Sue : you were missed and hope you are feeling better now)

(Captain Kev: you were also missed but DD had a lovely time on your behalf)


The Blue Voyager Crew

Guides: Ahmed & Kevin

Crew:  Captain Ali, Chef Hamada, Deckhand Micky, Mohammed & Co! They all treated us royally and special thanks to the rib boys who helped us out on more than one occasion.


The journey round the M25 was clear, so we all arrived early at Gatwick, only to find that our flight was delayed! With nothing better to do, we all met up in the bar and our holiday began!


On arrival in Hurghada, everything was going well until Leon managed to leave his wallet on the plane and we found that Francesca's bag could've been handled slightly better by the baggage handlers. Despite this and the long coach journey to Port Ghalib, we were all happy to board Blue Voyager for a week at sea, mianly at St Johns and Daedalus.


As the whole boat was filled by Indepth, it meant most of us knew each other and were used to the banter and abuse. A big welcome to Hannah, Donny & Sarah, the liveaboard newbies, who soon realised that if you can't beat them, join them!!


We did some wonderful dives and I think everyone saw a shark of some description. Some of us were lucky enough to swim with 10 hammerheads off Daedalus. Thanks to Tom for his perseverence in the Blue and for becoming the expert shark spotter of the week!


The Oceanic White tip greeted us all on various occasions, some closer than others and 3 of us were lucky enough to see a Thresher too. Again, thanks Tom!


The sea was calm, the currents in general manageable and the marine life amazing.  Seeing so many dolphins around the boat was a real treat as were the turtles on our last day.


 I think I speak for everyone when I say we had a great time.  As long as the bell goes, we know we have to do something - normally to eat more eggs!

Our Trip

CONGRATULATIONS: to Jane Comar and Hazel Stuart for completing 100 dives.


CONGRATULATIONS: to Leon and Dave for guiding their first dives without getting lost.


Sharks galore at Daedalus - including 10 hammerheads!!!


Witnessing the whitest man I have ever seen : Drew after a close encounter with the white tip!


Seeing Mike turn up for a pre-breakfast dive (sore back, other ailments and all)


Hannah's birthday and the "yummy" impromptu cake for breakfast!

Memorable moments

Hannah on Daedalus: "I have had my best and worst dive ever on one day!"


Kevin about Dangerous when, yet again, we were waiting for the old boy to start a briefing: "He is probably down in the cabin inspecting the flooring!"


Lord Drew to Leon: "I have never met anyone so happy to be so miserable!"

Memorable Quotes

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