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Camel Dive Club 22 - 29th October 2011

Indepth Diving embarked on a trip to the Camel Dive Club in Naama Bay Egypt, for a week of diving and relaxing in the sun.



Alex Heroys, Jane & Leon Comar, David Henning, Mike Hobbs, Ken and Francis Partridge, Edwin and Patricia Watson Miller, John Moring, Mir Derakhshan,  Sue and Neil Clarke,  Derek and Jordan Allured.  


Some of us completed a few courses whilst we were over there. Congratulations are due to the following.


Advanced Open Water

Mir Derakhshan

John Moring


Deep Speciality

David Henning


Digital UW Photography

Edwin Watson Miller

Jane Comar

Mike Hobbs


Enriched Air Nitrox

Mir Derakhshan

Edwin Watson-Miller

Patricia Watson-Miller

I would like to thank everyone for a fab trip. I would also like to invite you to send me photos, which I can post on the photo gallery.


All the best


Alex and Helen