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Emergency First Response

Having completed your Open Water and Advanced level training, you may wish to take your diver training to the next stage, the Rescue Diver level. This course will teach you self-reliance as well as awareness of others so that you will be capable and prepared to manage a diving accident should it ever arise.


The Rescue Diver course cannot be undertaken unless you have a valid First Aid and CPR qualification. The PADI EFR course meets these requirements and is a basic training in CPR and emergency care. It is a medically based course designed to teach students at a layman’s level the same procedures and priorities used by paramedics.


The Emergency First Response course is recognised in over eighty countries and conforms to International First Aid standards.


What form will the course take?


The course covers seven basic skills of patient care:

- Primary Assessment

- Rescue Breathing

- One Rescuer CPR

- Control of Bleeding

- Shock Management

- Illness Assessment, including the 9 most common medical emergencies

- Injury Assessment, including the 12 most common accidental injuries

- Defibrillator training


The Course Schedule


The course involves some home studying then a classroom session lasting about 5 hours. This session should ideally be undertaken before the Rescue Diver course starts. Emphasis is placed on hands on experience with mannequins.


What Qualifications do I need?


No prior certification is required and non-divers are also welcome. However you must be at least 12 years of age and those students under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.


Course Fee


The cost of the course is £100 plus £25 PADI Licence fee.  This includes all tuition fees, a First Aid manual, video and certification card.  Cost of an EFR Refresher is £60 plus £25 License fee.


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