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Red Sea Scuba Diving Trip

17th - 24th October 2015

Indepth Crew

Ryan & Sid


The Haileybury Gang

Josh K, Luke R, Victor B, Natalie S, Oliver E, Joshua P, Oliver G, Edward H, Harry H, Queenie P, Imogen S, Heather W, Olivia W, Katherine Y, Madeline K, Harry S, Josie T, Alice HB, Hugo HB, James C, Palin S, Stephanie B


The Teachers

Angus MacDonald & Alexander Middleton

A Summary of our Trip



We arrived at Camel Dive Hotel, had a smooth check-in followed by a bite to eat at the Pomodoro Restaurant



Our adventure began.... we collected our dive equipment and headed to the jetty!

It was the first day on our lovely dive boat Tribe, where most of the students completed Open Water dives 1 & 2, whilst the qualified divers did two fun dives at Ras Um Sid and Temple.



Open Water dives 3 & 4 were completed at Ras Bob. We stayed the whole day at this dive site, diving around a beautiful drop off. The qualified divers enjoyed some leisurely dives around the Eel Garden.


Congratulations to most students who completed their certification today and were now PADI Open Water Divers!!



We sailed to Middle Garden, where some students completed the final Open Water dives and the qualified divers started their Advanced Course.

We all successfully completed our first drift dive from Middle Garden to Near Garden.

Quiz Night - hosted by Alexandra



On the way to the Straits of Tiran, we were lucky enough to see a school of dolphins, where our skipper let us take some pictures from the boat.

In the afternoon, we picked up a current and dived along the beautiful coral wall of Woodhouse Reef.

We all went back to Middle Garden where we did the Night dive which was the highlight of the holiday for many of us.



We had the pleasure of going to Ras Mohammed National Park and were able to swim through caves at Jack Fish Alley and doa drift dive at Ras Gas Lani.

Well done to those who completed your PADI Advanced Open Water today!

Charades night - hosted by Alexandra.



We returned to the Straits of Tiran where we did a drift dive at the famous Jackson Reef - known as one of the most beautiful coral gardens of the world.

The sea conditions were so good, that we had the privilege of diving at a very rarely dived site - The Million Hope ship wreck.

Karaoke/ X Factor night!



We enjoyed a day of rest, lounging at the beach and enjoying the water sports on offer then did some shopping in the local area.

Final Note:

We had a fantastic dive adventure with all of you this year. We hope to see you all again in 2016 ..... maybe to a new dive destination, who knows?!!


Enjoy some of the photos taken .... happy memories of a great holiday!!


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