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Fish Head: (North Male) also known as Shark Point or Mushimasmingili Thila, fits the classic definition of a Thila - a large isolated flat top reef rising sharply from the inner atoll floor at 40 to 50m to around 10m from the surface. It is one of the best sites for seeing sharks. Featuring a series of caves and overhangs in between where you can see thousands of blueline snappers against a backdrop of black coral bushes and large gorgonians.


Miyaru Faru: Unsurprisingly given that 'miyaru' means shark in Dhivehi, sharks feature prominently at this North Male spot! At around 30 metres there is an overhang which can shield you from the strength of the passing current, and with an incoming current the visibility can be excellent and the parade of pelagics and local residents, impressive. You might see a number of grey reef sharks as well as barracuda, kingfish and tuna. Large groups of eagle rays and their larger cousins, the manta rays, are often seen here, filter feeding in the plankton-rich water.


Fotteyo Kandu: Many scuba divers consider Fotteyo Kandu (Vaavu Atoll) to be the best dive site in Maldives and it is also rated among the top 5 dive sites in the world. The mouth of the channel is exposed to the ocean and during north east monsoon when the currents are incoming, a good variety of fish species gather at the entrance to the channel. Animals commonly spotted here include grey reef shark patrolling the channel mouth, jack and tuna in the deeper water, schools of midnight snappers and red snapper form in huge groups. The wall features caves, overhangs and swim-throughs at different depths. These caves and overhangs are filled with colourful yellow colour like soft coral, deeper caves and overhangs are filled with huge bushes of black corals.


Kandooma Thila: Shaped like a teardrop, Kandooma Thila is one of the most spectacular dives in the South Male Atoll, for scenery as well as for prolific fish life.


Guraidhoo Kandu South: Since the eastern side of this South Male channel is open ocean, large predatory fish can regularly be spotted here. This site is famous for sightings of sharks, schools of eagle rays and the occasional sail fish and hammerheads. The best condition to do the dive is when the current is flowing into the Atoll. The dive begins on the outer reef following the current into the atoll. Most of the pelagic species can be observed on the eastern side, where the reef drops off into the deep ocean. At the end of the dive in the channel, along the reef you can find overhangs with plenty of soft coral growth and small fish.



Haileybury School  

      The Maldives Scuba Diving Holiday

Prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime!

 Laugh, learn and make new friends!


Indian Ocean : The Maldives

21st October - 29th October 2017

Maldives Itineraries: Pelagic Encounters (7 nights)


Dive sites: North Male - Ari - Vaavu - South Male

Duration: 7 Nights

Number of dives: Up to 4 dives a day - 3 day dives and 1 night dive depending on location and sea conditions.


Ports: Male/Male


This itinerary travels south to Vaavu with the purpose of seeking out the larger pelagics. More channel diving is offered to maximise your chances of 'big fish' encounters and manta cleaning stations are also visited.


QUALIFICATION NEEDED: PADI Open Water Referral or PADI Open Water - although no minimum number of logged dives required.

The Itinerary

COST : £2269 per child


Includes: Return flights London/Mali, transfers to the Boat, 7 nights full board and accommodation, up to 7 days of boat diving including a night dive (18+ dives) with breakfast, lunch and dinner onboard and complimentary tea/coffee/water/juice and snacks, rental of dive equipment and National Park entrance fees.


To reserve a space on this trip for your child, please email Angus MacDonald on

A deposit of £600 along with the reply slip in Angus' letter will be required to reserve a space on this trip. These must be received by 31st January 2017.

All passports must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure to the Maldives .


If you have any questions prior to booking, please contact Helen or Ryan at Indepth Diving on 01992 589912 or email  

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