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Red Sea Liveaboard on Blue Melody to the Northern Wrecks & Reefs

The Indepth Gang


Helen Geall, Jenny Barnes, Vicki Jeynes, Sue Upton, Hazel Wright, Chantal Geall, Mandy West, Hannah Dogherty, Amanda & Tom Whorwood, Glyn Knowles, Ian Hayes, Mike Hodgson, Louise Bunch, Captain Kevin, David Henning, Ian Marchbank, Dave Cheshire, Carinna Hall and Maggie Neilson.


Of course, we welcomed the 6 other divers who were not part of Indepth, namely Sharon & Stewart, Katie and Sam, Emma and Alex.

(I wonder whether Dave will be seeing Sam ever again or has poor Sam suffered enough?!)


The Blue Melody Crew


Guides: Abdu and Jose

Crew:  Captain Mohammed, Ayman, Whalid, another Mohammed, Ahmed & Co! Excellent service as always!

Our Trip


After a very clear run to the airport, we had time for some pre-flight drinks and brekkie! On arrival in Hurghada, we were the only flight to have landed so luggage collection was a breeze. Thanks to the UK Government for not following Europe's lead and cancelling travel to Egypt!


It made a welcome change not to have to get the coach south and after just a 10 minute transfer we were on our home for the next week: Blue Melody. Was great to see some familiar faces amongst the crew and settle on board.


It was lovely to have some new Indepth divers with us on this trips and hopefully the 6 divers who were not in our group did not feel too overcrowded by Indepth. Once they saw that we had arrived with Pimms and mint, wine, champagne and canapes, they must have realised we were not a bad bunch!


A fantastic week was had by all. We were so lucky with the sea conditions, even a mild current on the Thistlegorm. The highlight has to be diving for half an hour with 6 dolphins on the last day - magical !

Our dive sites during

the week:


Poseidon Reef

The Barge



Jackfish Alley

Shark & Yolanda at Ras Mo

Anemone City


Giannis D

Kimon M

Shaab Abu Nuhas Reef

Chrisola K


Siyal Kebir

Shaab El Erg - DOLPHINS!!

Umm Gamar


These are listed for the benefit of all those who didn't have "time" to fill in their logbooks during the week!!

Highlights of the week:



Sue's birthday with champagne


Enjoying the wrecks with superb conditions


George & Georgina, the huge moray eels on

The Barge and fighting morays at Umm Gamar


"Being broken"!!


Watching the happy faces of those divers new to the Red Sea

& seeing their diving & confidence improve each day


Congratulations to:


Vicki for completing her 500th dive with 400 hours underwater during the trip. (Also for keeping a logbook for so long!!)


* Jen for completing her 400th dive and for also keeping the most comprehensive & interesting log I have ever seen!


* Ian for 275 dives, Dave for 200 dives and Hannah & Mandy for 50 dives!!


* Hannah and Mandy for completing their Underwater Photography Specialty with Glyn


* Lousie Bunch who has been asked to be featured in Blue O Two's next brochure!!

Dave and Mo Dolphins Girls table Wreck Wreck1 Stingray Lion Fish Sue Champagne Jen Amanda Mo Sue Group shot b02

Little Mo looking smug!

Little Mo looking scared!

Pissed Pissed

Celebrating in style .....

and tipsy again!!

Davidbutterflyfish Davidchain