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Red Sea Liveaboard on M/Y Blue Voyager to the Brothers & Elphinstone

13th - 20th June 2014

The Indepth Gang


Helen Geall, Barbara Arkell, Vicki Jeynes, Sue Upton, Hannah Ufland, David Henning, Donny Ming, Ian Marchbank, Dave Cheshire, Stuart Bladen, Timothy and Ben Swindell, David and Sharon Laming, Christian Lamprecht, Neil Williams, Hannah Josiah, Tessa Dormon, Andrew Grimley, George Adams (Ads).


New honorary member for Indepth holidays is JJ Collins who braved coming on the boat full of strangers. He had never heard of Indepth but he has now!!


The Blue Voyager Crew


Guides: Achmed and Moustafa

Crew:  Names escape me but you can guess most of them no doubt!

Our Trip


Some people may have thought that a holiday starting on Friday 13th could not be a good omen. How wrong could they be?! The M25 was so clear it was spooky but it meant we all arrived with more than enough time for pre-flight drinks and brekkie before the fantastic week ahead unfolded!


On arrival in Hurghada, after a 10 minute transfer, we were soon at M/Y Blue Voyager, our home for the week. To be greeted by some familiar faces amongst the crew members was a nice surprise and as always, all the crew worked tirelessly and looked after us royally all week.


It was lovely to have some new Indepth divers with us on this trip and of course JJ. A safe and wonderful week was had by all.


The calm conditions at the Brothers and the location of the anchor line down to the plateau at Big Brother meant we had some easy diving conditions and numerous opportunities to see some sharks. When the wind did pick up for the last two days and made repetitive dives on Elphinstone impossible, we couldn't really be disappointed as it gave us more dives to search for the elusive dugong! We may not have found him diving but he honoured us with his presence on the surface before we had to return to Port Ghalib!


What a perfect way to finish our 6 days at sea!

Our dive sites during

the week:


Ras Disna

Panorama Reef

Middle Reef  (night dive)

Small Brother

Big Brother including the wrecks of the Aida and Nuridia

Elphinstone Reef

Abu Dabab

Marsa Shouna

Marsa Mubark



Memorable moments:


First liveaboard for Hannah, Neil, Stuart and Christian : enjoying the ease of kitting up with thinner suits and being able to dive off the back of the boat but also being introduced to the joys of zodiac rides in all conditions!


Experiencing shark sightings, including several thresher shark appearances, and seeing the DUGONG swim past our boat, one of only 4 known to exist in the Red Sea.


Sleeping under the stars and seeing an orange moon over the glass-like sea conditions at the Brothers.


Enjoying the curiosity of huge Napoleon wrasse on numerous occasions at the Brothers and being surrounded by thousands of fusiliers at Elphinstone.


Other memorable moments from the more cynical amongst the group: watching supposed instructors make a absolute hash of taking complete beginners in the water, Blue O Two finally having pink polo shirts for sale and Helen having her GoPro camera actually charged ready for a dive!

Congratulations to:


* Donny Ming for his 200th dive, Tim Swindell for his 100th dive and Stuart Bladen and Ben Swindell for their 50th dive!


* Ben Swindell and Christian Lamprecht for completing their Nitrox Specialty


* Donny and Vicki for finding the hawk fish and navigating back to the boat on every dive  "Donny done it"!!!


* Stuart for being the best gadget man and organising all the photos


* JJ - for putting up with us all

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