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Day of arrival - Day 1


Check Dive : Back Faru (North Male atoll)

Back Faru


Day 2


Dive 1: Leydoo Wall (North Male)

Dive 2: Maaya Thila (North Ari atoll)

Dive 3: Maaya Thila - night dive


Day 3


Dive 1: Hafsa Thila (North Ari)

Dive 2: Dhonkalo Thila (North Ari)

Dive 3: Himendhoo Thila (North Ari)

Carpe Diem 6th - 14th March 2011

Indepth Diving ventured to pastures new for our first group liveaboard to the Maldives.


After a long night flight to Male, we all arrived slightly jaded but the excitement of seeing our boat and doing our first dive within a few hours of arriving, soon woke us up! Naturally our first beers that evening also helped! Thanks to Sajeet, our superb bartender who soon sussed us out and had beers ready for us whenever required!)


We had 6 days of diving some of the most amazing sites in three areas of the Maldives, namely the North Male Atoll and North and South Male Atolls. All dives were 10 minutes away in the dhoni from our main  floating palace!


We were lucky enough to see white tip and grey reef sharks both hunting and cruising past us. The reef hooks were a god send in the "medium" currents! We also enjoyed 2 dives with loads of mantas elegantly swimming over our heads. This was a true highlight for us all.


Sadly, we did not see a whale shark despite the crew's efforts so the homemade sand whale shark on the island made by the dive guides had to suffice!


Although the Maldives is a long way to go for a week, we all had a great time and enjoyed experiencing the "big stuff" not so prevalent in other parts of the world. Thanks to the whole group for making the week so much fun and a special mention to all the crew for

Mark Pile's 100th dive

Sarah Kingslake's 200th dive

Congratulations to you both!


Diving with mantas and sharks and two great wrecks.


The wonderful beach BBQ.


Mark Pile's improving photo skills to get the PADI Underwater Photo Specialty!.


Jane pissed with the quote of the trip:

"I am the cultural attache for Stevenage!!"

Memorable moments

Day 4


Dive 1: Digga Thila (South Ari)

Dive 2: Rangali Madivaru (South Ari)

Dive 3: Sun Island Beyru (South Ari)


Day 5


Dive 1: Holiday Beyru (South Ari)

Dive 2: Matchafushi (South Ari)

Dive 3: Lhamiyaru Gaa (North Ari)


Day 6


Dive 1: Fish Head (North Ari)

Dive 2: Kan Thila (North Ari)

Dive 3: Vilivaru Giri (South Male


Day 7


Guraidhoo Kandu (South Male)

Kuta Giri (South Male)


Below is a description of some of the sites we dived and some of the sites that we will need to do on our next trip to the Indian Ocean!!

The Group:

Helen Geall, Chantal Geall, Sue Upton, Vicki Jeynes, Sarah Kingslake, Steve Gibson, Dave & Sharon Laming, Stewart Anthony, Mike Hobbs, Dave Henning, Jane & Leon Comar, Jamie Freemantle, Mark Pile, Matt Dunne and Jim McNish

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