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The Course Schedule


In order to fulfil the above objectives, the Divemaster course is divided into three modules.


Module 1 – Knowledge of Diving Theory and Principles


1) Dive Planning

2) Dive Management

3) Student Supervision

4) Diving Physics

5) Diving Physiology

6) Equipment

7) Skills and Environment

8) Decompression Theory and the Recreational Dive Planner


The theory is taught through tutorials, presentation and self study. Students are strongly recommended to buy the Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving and the Diving Knowledge Workbook to aid study. All subjects are examined by multiple choice exam.


Module 2 – Watermanship and Skill Assessment


1) Watermanship and stamina conducted as a series of swim tests

2) General diving skills are polished and evaluated to demonstration quality

3) Problem solving exercises are undertaken

4) Diver rescue skills are brought up to demonstration quality


Module 3 – Practical Application of Divemaster Roles


There are two options to satisfy the requirements of this module.


Option A: This involves a variety of confined and open water simulations. The aim is to present candidates with a wide range of specific challenges that are representative of those met by a Divemaster.

Option B: This is an internship where the candidate acts as an assistant to a qualified PADI Instructor in real training classes of a variety of levels. The candidate must complete five confined water and ten open water sessions.


In addition, candidates must prepare an emergency assistance plan and an underwater map of a typical open water training location.


What Qualifications Do I Need?


To begin a Divemaster course, you must be 18 years old or over and a certified PADI Rescue Diver with at least 20 dives. You must also have a valid and in date First Aid and CPR qualification. To complete the course, candidates must be able to show 60 logged dives.


Candidates with non PADI training are asked to discuss requirements with an Instructor.


Course Fee


The Divemaster course costs £470 which includes all tuition fees but does not include the manuals. The cost does not include transportation to dive sites, boat fees, equipment rental, air fills or accommodation. A membership fee must also be paid directly to PADI. This is currently £75 and is not included in the course fee.


Candidates should also be aware that completion of the course requires a diving medical. The cost of this is approximately £50.


How Do I Book the Divemaster Course?


Please speak to an Instructor at In Depth Diving to discuss a timetable that suits you

dive master

PADI Divemaster

The role of the Divemaster is one of great diversity. It means that the person acting as Divemaster may well be in charge of a diving activity or dive site. Some of the duties of a Divemaster may include guide, supervisor, instructional assistant, medic, oceanographer, technician, seaman and trained buddy. For many, the diversity of this course, although perhaps initially daunting, makes the job of a Divemaster very interesting, exciting and rewarding.


The Divemaster rating is considered by PADI to be the first stage of professional diver training. Divemasters are encouraged to pursue even higher levels of training and go on to become PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors.


The Divemaster Course


The Divemaster course can be described with a number of goals in mind:


- to enable the candidate to organise, conduct and supervise recreational diving activities, both boat and land based

- to enable the candidate to act effectively as an instructional assistant to a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor or higher

- to develop the theoretical diving knowledge to Instructor level

- to encourage and prepare the candidate for Instructor level training.

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