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Swanage 26th - 29th August 2011

Indepth Diving embarked on a weekend trip to Swanage from the 26th - 29th August, in search of clear, calm seas and some fine wreck diving, with a healthy dose of "apres dive" afterwards. We faired well in all aspects.!!


Divers                                     Non Divers


Alex Heroys                              Lisa Toon

Paul Jackson                           Tracey jackson

Sid Gray                                   Ian Hamilton

Leon Comar                             Jane Comar                                                                                                                                    

Louise Gray                              Janice Ming

Donny Ming                              Vanessa Heroys

Louise Gray                              Isabella Heroys

Kevin Gleeson                          George Heroys

Jane Comar                              Julie Gough

Daniel McMillan

Jenny Barnes

Miles Toon

Marcus Gough

Francesca Wood

John Stewart

Sarah Tahsin

Kathy Morris

Rob Atkins

Sarah Pemberton

Adam Tilley

Chris Byte

Friday 26th August


Friday started for the divers with a horrible journey to Swanage. The first part of our journey was much like Hurricane Irene, but it brightened up as we approached the coast, and apart from the odd 30 minute monsoon, the weather was great. We dived on the Valentine Tanks which was a lovely dive to start, 6-7m vis, lots of life with a huge school of Bib, Pollack. Llbsters, crabs and Jenny, the Conger is just beneath you!


8.30 am The Betsy Anna


Built in 1892, the Betsy Anna (formerly known as the Ashington) foundered in Poole Bay whilst being towed to Cowes for repairs after tearing her plates in Devon.  She took on a lot of water, broke her bow and sank.  She lies in a depth of 24m with the bow collapsed backwards, standing 4m high, pointing upwards.  Whilst her boilers are easy to see, in position and upright, her propeller is missing.


We loved this dive, loads of fish, lobsters, and massive congers in the boiler.


Old Harry Drift 12.45pm


Usual procedures, John got some Scallops and treated us to them, from sea to stomach in less than an hour. Yum!!


Pier Dives on Saturday.

Jane, Rob, Sarah P, Sarah T !! Adam and myself loved the dives we did under the pier. We started at an extreme depth of 4-5m and ended with a leisurly stroll under the pier with full kit on!! A huge amount of life under there .



Sunday 28th August

9am - The Venezuala


This Argentinean owned ship was sailing from Falmouth to Rouen as part of a convoy which was attacked on March 14th 1918 by the German submarine, UB-59.  Two torpedos were fired, one of which hit and quickly sank the Venezeula.  She is 730 gross tons and measures 190ft in length.  She sits perfectly upright, but has sunk well into the sandy gravel sea bed at a depth of about 27m, with the wreck rising up 4m.


Everyone raved about this, very special, 10-15m vis. Awesome



11.45 - The Fleur De Lys


A special dive for some, our first UK boat dive. Lots of life, again lots of schools of fish.


The Fleur De Lys is a 64' fishing trawler that sunk around 4 years ago while being towed to Poole.


13.45 - Old Drift and pier dives

4 of the hardcore did the drift and saw sharks and rays!! Well dogfish anyway. The other hardcore, Chris, Jane and myself went under the pier at about 2.5m ! Lovely stroll.


All the best